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Our Teacher Bios

Svaroopa® yoga teachers are trailblazers!

Working in a completely different paradigm, the teaching is  based on the most comprehensive yoga training available. They lead their students into experiencing their bodies in a whole new way, and going far beyond the physical benefits that yoga can provide. Svaroopa® yoga teachers lead the way with their own transformation, as well as helping others to transform their bodies, minds and lives.


Angela Barnett

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT)

Certified Embodyment® Therapist

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), and commenced teaching classes on the Gold Coast and Melbourne in September 2005. At the commencement of 2005 Angela returned home to Australia, after working in Saudi Arabia for 4 years, seeking healing for the accumulated tension in her body and mind. Through Svaroopa® Yoga she found these tensions rapidly and easily unwound.


Angela is a Registered Nurse with over 40 years experience in Critical Care and Cardiac Nursing, currently working at Birtinya, on the Sunshine Coast. In 2012 Angela moved to Gympie to establish a quieter lifestyle, and currently lives in Ninderry and teaches in Yandina. Angela’s warm, encouraging teaching style supports students to incorporate Svaroopa® yoga practice in their lives.


Amanda Cahill

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT)

Certified Embodyment® Therapist

I first experienced Svaroopa® yoga in 2007 after moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. I was suffering from anxiety and my body was very stiff and sore most of the time. I was only 39 and I couldn’t even bend down and tie my shoe laces. After my first Svaroopa® yoga class I was amazed at how a 90 minute yoga class could release tensions in my body in such a profound way!  I literally felt like jelly afterwards and I experienced an unraveling  in my body that I had never felt before!

A year later I signed up for Foundations and since have completed Level 1& 2 teacher training, Embodyment® Yoga Therapy and Svaroopa® yoga Treating Pain therapy.

I now rarely ever have anxiety and am more flexible than I have ever been.  I love sharing this yoga and yoga therapy with others and helping others change their lives for the better like it has mine!


Dana Clark

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

I have been a student of yoga since my mid 20’s and was drawn to teaching yoga after healing my body of chronic back and hip pain I had been suffering from since mid teens, due to a car accident. In 2003 I trained in a flowing style of Hatha yoga, “Radiant Light”, and was teaching in that style until a fellow yogi introduced me to Svaroopa® Yoga. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey of healing and transformation, not only for me but for the students I have taught along the way.  I became  one of the first Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teachers here in Australia and have been teaching in this style since 2007/2008. I have also trained in “Embodyment® Therapy”, a  yoga therapy which follows the same principles as the this style of yoga.  I have a small studio in Eatons Hill, QLD, where I teach group and private classes, workshops and have private Embodyment® yoga therapy sessions.

Tania  Fletcher profile image.webp

Tania Fletcher

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

I teach at Real Life Yoga, my dedicated yoga studio in Wynnum West, Brisbane. My classes currently comprise of a mixture of online and in person students. This is fluid depending on our current safety plan.


My yoga journey started in 2012 with my very first yoga class. My body felt balanced, strong and fluid while my mind felt a sense of calm and clarity. This was enough to motivate me to take my first Teacher Training and start teaching within the year. I knew I wanted to share the physical, emotional and mental benefits of this amazingly powerful yoga in a friendly and supported environment.

I have continued training and just finished as a fully qualified Certified Svaroopa®  Yoga teacher. I have also trained in Embodyment® and Yoga Therapy, a hands-on healing modality that follows the same principles as Svaroopa® Yoga. I have also completed extra training to facilitate supporting a broader range of students to experience their yoga more deeply. 


Namaste Tania

Kerryn Godfrey profile image.jpg

Kerryn Godfrey

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

I had been happily teaching in another style of yoga for several years when I read an article about Svaroopa® Yoga in 2012. I was so intrigued that I signed up for a Foundations course without ever attending a class! I was impressed with how easily and instantly this yoga created changes in my own body and also recognised its value for people with chronic pain, anxiety and/or mobility challenges.  I love that it makes yoga accessible to a diverse range of people and that it addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves.

I teach from a home studio in Ocean Grove, Victoria, and offer group and private classes.

Priti Profile photo.jpg

Priti Kotecha

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

Vichara (Self Enquiry) Therapist

I teach Svaroopa® Yoga, it is an easy style, enjoyable and suitable for most ages and levels of fitness. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga, as this style opens the body gently and deeply in a nurturing supportive way. This style of yoga helps relieve stress and pain in the body, improving the health of mind and body. Ending pain is easy with the spinal decompression that we call Core Opening – end your back pain and dissolve neck and shoulder tensions in your first class. The focus is not on trying to master, or become perfect at poses, but rather to use the poses to reach into parts of the spine to unravel your deepest tensions. This promotes healing and transformation on all levels. It strengthens the whole body and mind.The class is limited to 8 students, each student receives individual attention and alignments to maximise the benefits of their practice. I am a fully certified Svaroopa® Yoga teacher with Master Yoga in USA. I have been teaching this style of yoga since 2001. Before becoming a yoga teacher I worked as an occupational therapist for 28 years. I am committed to ongoing education and training. I have further training to help people who are in pain with individual classes and Embodyment® Yoga therapy. Yoga helps you cope with whatever life may bring with even mindedness.


Kim (K.rtakarii) Lodge

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

I remember recognising from a young age a deep yearning to feel comfortable in my own skin & to live from a place of truth, openness and ease. I wasn’t able to put words to it back then & I certainly didn’t know how to find this shift I was looking for. Svaroopa® Yoga has given me access to the tools that make this and so much more possible.

My initial experience of Svaroopa Yoga was in 2011 when I took Foundations training. This was life changing for me & opened my mind to a whole new way of approaching a yoga practice. I followed this up in 2014 with Teacher Training and have been fortunate enough to teach ever since.

Svaroopa® Yoga as given me an ease & openness in my body & a clarity of mind that continues to improve as I age. I’ve found support physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, even beyond what I thought possible.

I am committed to offering that same support to my students through teaching Svaroopa® Yoga & by deepening my own personal growth through education and personal practice.

I teach from my home based yoga studio in Wagga Wagga, NSW, offering small classes and Embodyment® & Yoga Therapy sessions.

Janaki photo.png

Janaki Murray

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Therapist

Vichara (Self Enquiry) Therapist

Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation Teacher

First hooked on Svaroopa® Yoga in 2001 at Swami Nirmalananda’s first Australian Foundations Course, Janaki began making many trips to the USA to train as a teacher. She currently offers regular classes, Deeper classes, Gentle classes, workshops, Meditation Courses, Vichara (Self Enquiry) sessions, Embodyment® and Yoga Therapy sessions. Janaki is also a mentor for teachers in training, a Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Yoga Philosophy Group Discussion leader.  Janaki is dedicated to the growth of Svaroopa® Yoga as well as the support and encouragement of Svaroopa® students and teachers in Australia.


Lorraine Vince

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

My body needed an upgrade and my soul soothing. Svaroopa® Yoga’s supportive and nurturing approach and style provided this for me and more. After my very first class I was aware of the release in my spinal tensions and that this was a yoga like no other. I felt calmer, taller and stronger and had less body pain. I felt Uplifted in both body and mind.


On the suggestion of my teacher, I enrolled in Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga with the idea of enhancing my own personal yoga practice. Before long I was on an amazing ride of Teacher Training and am now a Certified Embodyment® Therapist and a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher.


You are welcome to join me at The Yoga Sweet in East Fremantle to experience the “Yoga of Grace”.

IMG_5857 (2).jpg

Jules (Brahmini) Watson

Certified Teacher Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher(CSYT), Certified Embodyment® Therapist

I was drawn to Svaroopa® yoga in 2010 recovering from 14 years of chronic fatigue syndrome and seeking relief for sacroiliac and low back pain I had suffered since my early 20’s.

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy sessions and Svaroopa® poses had a life changing effect on me. I commenced classes and started a daily home practice with the Magic 4 (set of Svaroopa® yoga poses) – I had found my healing path, my pain was diminishing and I felt alive. I went on to teacher training in Svaroopa® Yoga. I learnt so much about the body – how the poses work to decompress the spine and how to find deep release in this gentle supported style. I teach from my home studio at Eudlo, Sunshine Coast. I love teaching and watching my students tensions unravel as they work through the blissful and supported poses. I am blessed to be part of a powerful, unique and healing Svaroopa® yoga style.

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