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2023 Calendar of Events

January/February 2023

 Meditation Group










   31st January, 14th & 28th February

6.30pm to 7.30pm Qld

7.30pm to 8.30pm NSW, VIC, TAS


on Zoom

Join us from the comfort of your own home to meditate together.  Benefit from the group energy and catch up with fellow Svaroopis. 

These sessions will be informal and with no teaching component - simply an opportunity to enjoy community and meditate as a group.


Janaki Murray

Ph: 0413 350 293



February 2023

 ASYA Inc Meeting

Sat, 11th February 2023

9am Qld time

on Zoom



February 2023
            New Year Pose Challenge Invitation

We are excited to announce  ASYA Inc will be hosting our next Pose Challenge and you are invited to participate!


You know your yoga makes you feel better. Can you imagine how much better you could feel? Experience the difference a targeted, daily practice for a whole month can make to your body and your life. Unravel many of the deep-seated lower spinal tensions that have accumulated over the years. Develop a new relationship with your body by breaking through old patterns, aches and pains.


Challenge yourself and set a New Year intention to ‘Do More Yoga’.

Daya Ma 2.jpg

How will it work?


Janaki, our leading Svaroopa® Yoga teacher in Australia will teach the

online class with a deeply effective series of poses specifically designed to improve your health. It will improve your clarity of mind, decisiveness and your ability to focus and your ability to see and speak your truth. The physical benefits of this challenge practice often provide corresponding release of emotional tensions allowing you to feel more spontaneous and more responsive to everyone and everything.

Daya Ma and Janaki will support and guide you through the four week process.

What is the challenge? 

 This is an event that challenges you to expand and stretch (pardon the pun) beyond your normal yoga class or practice and commit to  following a set series of poses everyday for a period of 28 days. 

Daya Ma has run many Yoga challenges and understands the importance of setting an intention or Sankalpa. She has many years of learning

and experience in leading people through processes.


The Pose Challenge will include the following:-


  •  The first session includes an online yoga class via Zoom with particular attention to your specific needs including personalised variations taught by Janaki.  This class will be recorded and the link sent to you to follow on a daily basis for 28 days. 

  • The first session will also have a special segment led by Daya Ma on creating a Sankalpa (intention) for the Challenge.

  •    Weekly check-in for four more weeks. Second, third and fourth sessions will be to check in on your progress, share your wins and challenges. We will support you with any questions or difficulty you may be experiencing.

  •  The final session will be to celebrate your completion of the challenge for which you will receive a special certificate of completion if you manage 28 days.

  •     Daily calendar to fill in your practice and a short journal about what you are noticing as a result of your practice each day.

ZOOM DATES (NSW, VIC, TAS times. 1 hour earlier in Qld):


Week 1            Tues 7th Feb 6-8pm. Challenge kickoff with Sankalpa and daily practice 

Week 2            Tues 14th Feb 6-7pm. Weekly Check in Call

Week 3            Tues 21st Feb 6-7pm. Weekly Check in Call 

Week 4            Tues 28th Feb 6-7pm.  Weekly Check in Call

Week 5            Tues 7th Mar 6-7pm. Final check in call and celebration

You will receive your calendar, recording and lesson plan once you have registered for the Challenge following the first session:

Registration: $85 ASYA members; $99 non-members.

Scholarships available - please ask

Enquiries and Registrations: Janaki

0413 350 293/


Half Price Sale on all products

(excluding Magic Four Handouts)

There are Magic Four handouts available at $5 each 

Enquiries to:

Brahmini (Jules)


March 2023

Half Day Workshop

'Cultivating Bliss'

with Janaki

Sunday, 19th March

2pm to 5pm

Online with Zoom

or in person


209 Randall Rd, Wynnum West

Open to all

Cost: $65

ASYA members $55

Scholarships available - please ask

The opening of your spine quiets your mind, getting the things that limit your bliss out of the way. Then you easily discover the already blissful deeper dimension of your own existence, named svaroopa, your True Form. You don’t actually acquire bliss, but you can ‘plant the seeds and cultivate it’ which is what we will be doing in this workshop. Once the mind is quiet, bliss arises from within. This is yoga’s promise.

Enquiries and bookings: Janaki 0413 350 293

April/May 2023         


  Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga Course

Brisbane: 23rd to 28th April, 2023

Venue: TBA


Wagga Wagga, NSW: 2nd to 7th May, 2023

Venue: K.rtakarii (Kim) Studio



Kamala  Gross

Foundations Teacher Trainer


Janaki Murray

Assisting Teacher

Learn the foundational poses that reveal yoga’s promise, to know who and what you really are — Consciousness.  

This course provides a deep experience and the information you need to practice yoga on your own at home or to share your yoga with others. 

Whether you are a new yogi, an experienced Svaroopi or coming from another yoga style, learn how to get the most benefit from your practice.  Refined techniques and a clear understanding of how this yoga works show you the way. 

Madhya-vikaasaach-chidaananda-laabha.h – Pratyabhij~nah.rdayam 17

By the opening of your spinal channel, you attain the bliss of Consciousness.

Discover the most important poses of Svaroopa® Yoga, the Primary Spinal Openers. These poses are used at all levels of practice, from introductory through advanced classes.  Take them home with you or use  Foundations as the prerequisite course for our Teacher Training programs. 

During the course, your knowledge of each pose builds day by day, pose by pose. This is especially true while working in partner-pairs, so you give and receive coaching and adjustments in every pose. Our comprehensive handouts help you learn the poses inside and out, as well as provide the basis for your practice or working with others.  

Even if you don't want to teach, you understand how to design classes or your own yoga practice session in order to get  the most benefit in the shortest time.   And you'll know how to help others with customized alignments and props for them to get maximum results with minimum effort.   

Beyond the poses, the course has time every day for chanting and meditation, two of yoga’s most important practices. You’ll be deeply saturated in the flow of Grace that permeates the Svaroopa® practice. This benefits you and those you might teach.  

"I found the Foundations program to be very comprehensive. I have a better understanding of the alignments needed to deepen the poses in my own practice. It also piqued my interest in teaching the basic poses to others." - Eva C. 

Course Fees (either course):


Early Bird Registration fee: $995 (Balance paid prior to 24th March 2023)

Regular Registration $1150 (Balance paid after 24th March 2023)

Retakes: $865

Deposit to secure your booking: $150

Material Costs: $75

Scholarships available - please ask the host

Retaking this course no longer reinstates your current standing


Wagga Course Host: K.rtakarii (Kim) Lodge: 0409 250 909/ 

Brisbane Course Host: Janaki Murray: 0413 350 293/ 


August 2023         


  Intro to Gentle Yoga Training

27th August to 2nd September, 2023

with Swamis Shrutananda and Prajnananda

Shrutananda 2206.png
Swami Prajnananda 1080 png 2206.png

"A teacher meets students where they are at and moves them to a whole new place within themselves. In your Gentle Yoga classes, you lead them into getting younger, happier, healthier and more joyful. And they discover bliss."– Gurudevi Nirmalananda

Your students, friends and family members might have significantly limited flexibility, serious pain or illness, or be recovering from an injury or surgery. You want to help but are not sure what they need. Gain the tools you need to safely and effectively work with ‘outside-the-bell-curve’ students. Learn special modifications for these students’ needs as well as your own. Help them find a new lease on life, supporting their transformation in how they think and feel about their body. 

"This training has given me a new layer/depth of understanding. Having new poses to teach and use in my own practice is exciting. It is a perfect course to continue and expand my knowledge". – Beverly M.

Begin with what you learned in Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga. This is why you must teach four Intro Yoga classes before you come to the Gentle training — so you are fresh and full of the joy of sharing Svaroopa® yoga. 

  • Simply teach a friend or family member a few poses. Do it 4 times. It can even be the same poses every time.

  • Pick someone who needs yoga but is not a Gentle Yogi, as you won’t have those skills until you’ve done the Gentle training. 

  • Share the Magic 4 with them, or the Four on the Floor or other poses. Then lead them through a Guided Awareness in Shavasana. 

  • They’ll love it! And so will you.

After your training, you will personalise poses and adjustments for seniors and for those recovering from illness or injury. You know how to design and present a six-week series for them, in which they get rapid and dramatic improvements in their body, mind and heart. They are often able to mainstream into regular classes once they’ve completed your Gentle Yoga series.

This course reinstates your current standing.

For more information:

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