2022 Calendar of Events

May/June 2022

 Meditation Group









Tuesday, 31st May

Tuesday, 14th June

Tuesday, 28th June

7pm to 8pm AEST

and then fortnightly.


on Zoom

Join us from the comfort of your own home to meditate together.  Benefit from the group energy and catch up with fellow Svaroopis. 

These sessions will be informal and with no teaching component - simply an opportunity to enjoy community and meditate as a group.


Janaki Murray


Ph: 0413 350 293


May 2022

Yoga Discussion Group:

Open your Body and Your Mind

Sun, 29th May, 2022

3pm - 4.30pm


Brahmini (Jules)

Online with Zoom

Open to all

Cost: FREE

Join us from the comfort of your own home to open your body with a delicious spinal pose sequence and stay to discuss Yoga’s rich teachings. We use Swami Nirmalananda’s contemplation articles to explore yoga philosophy. It is in the sharing of your understanding that your yoga experience broadens and deepens.

Enquiries: Brahmini (jules)



 August 2022

 ASYA Inc Meeting 

7.30pm Tues, 2nd August, 2022















Please join us on Zoom

Enquiries: Leanne Cox

0419 888 538



June 2022

Half Day Workshop 

with Janaki

'Support Equals Release'

Sun, 19th June, 2022

1.30pm - 4.30pm

At 55 Armytage St, Lota

Or Online with Zoom

Open to all

Cost: $50 members

$65 non-members

Explore this Svaroopa® Yoga ‘sutra’ 'Support = Release' in greater depth in this workshop. Develop your ability to lean into support and relax and release more deeply into poses for a greater effect. This is called ‘doing less and getting more’. It is also about cultivating your ability to use some muscles whilst others stay relaxed so you retain more energy for your daily activities. Does that make life sound a little easier?

Enquiries: Janaki

yogajan@tpg.com.au/0413 350 293


Half Price Sale on all products

(excluding Magic Four Handouts)

There are plenty of Magic Four handouts available at $5 each 

Enquiries to:

Brahmini (Jules)