2022 Calendar of Events

October 2022

 Meditation Group










 4th & 18th October

6.30pm to 7.30pm Qld

7.30pm to 8.30pm NSW, VIC, TAS

and then fortnightly.


on Zoom

Join us from the comfort of your own home to meditate together.  Benefit from the group energy and catch up with fellow Svaroopis. 

These sessions will be informal and with no teaching component - simply an opportunity to enjoy community and meditate as a group.


Janaki Murray


Ph: 0413 350 293



November 2022


Sat, 26th Nov 2022

11am Meeting

12.30pm Lunch

2pm -5pm Half Day Workshop

Join us for the day or any part of it.

Watch this space for more details to follow!


Enquiries: Leanne Cox

0419 888 538


October 2022 
            Spring Pose Challenge Invitation

We are excited to announce  ASYA Inc will be hosting our next Pose Challenge and you are invited to participate!


You know your yoga makes you feel better. Can you imagine how much better you could feel? Experience the difference a targeted, daily practice for a whole month can make to your body and your life. Unravel many of the deep-seated lower spinal tensions that have accumulated over the years. Develop a new relationship with your body by breaking through old patterns, aches and pains. Challenge yourself to ‘Do More Yoga’.

Daya Ma 2.jpg

How will it work?


Janaki, our leading Svaroopa® Yoga teacher in Australia will teach the

online class with a deeply effective series of poses specifically designed to target

lower spinal tensions and pain, including hips, knees and feet.

Daya Ma and Janaki will support and guide you through the four week process.

What is the challenge? 

 This is an event that challenges you to expand and stretch (pardon the pun) beyond your normal yoga class or practice and commit to  following a set series of poses everyday for a period of 28 days. 

Daya Ma has run many Yoga challenges and understands the importance of setting an intention or Sankalpa. She has many years of learning

and experience in leading people through processes.


The Pose Challenge will include the following:-


  •  The first session includes an online yoga class via Zoom with particular attention to your specific needs including personalised variations taught by Janaki.  This class will be recorded and the link sent to you to follow on a daily basis for 28 days. 

  • The first session will also have a special segment led by Daya Ma on creating a Sankalpa (intention) for the Challenge.

  •    Weekly check-in for four more weeks. Second, third and fourth sessions will be to check in on your progress, share your wins and challenges. We will support you with any questions or difficulty you may be experiencing.

  •  The final session will be to celebrate your completion of the challenge for which you will receive a special certificate of completion if you manage 28 days.

  •     Daily calendar to fill in your practice and a short journal about what you are noticing as a result of your practice each day.



Week 1            Tues 25th Oct 6-8pm. Challenge kickoff with Sankalpa and daily practice 

Week 2            Tues 1st Nov 6-7pm. Weekly Check in Call

Week 3            Tues 8th Nov 6-7pm. Weekly Check in Call 

Week 4            Tues 15th Nov 6-7pm.  Weekly Check in Call

Week 5            Tues 22nd Nov 6-7pm. Final check in call and celebration

You will receive your calendar, recording and lesson plan once you have registered for the Challenge following the first session:

Registration: $85 ASYA members; $99 non-members.

Enquiries and Registrations: Janaki

0413 350 293/yogajan@tpg.com.au


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