2020 Calendar of Events

 July 2020

 Yoga Discussion Group:

Open your Body and Your Mind

Saturday, 25th July, 2020

3pm - 4.30pm with

Lynda Jones

Online with Zoom

(the link will be sent out

during the week prior)

Open to all

Cost: FREE

 We have tweaked and expanded one of our favourite offerings, the Yoga Discussion Group. Join us from the comfort of your own home to open your body with a delicious spinal pose sequence and stay to discuss Yoga’s rich teachings. We use Swami Nirmalananda’s contemplation articles to explore yoga philosophy. It is in the sharing of your understanding that your yoga experience broadens and deepens.

Guided by a different, experienced Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher each month.

"The Contemplation Article Discussion  is a wonderful group of like minds coming together to discuss ancient Svaroopa® Yoga wisdom. I enjoy it immensely and always get a lot from being part of them." Katie

Enquiries and Bookings:

Kim Lodge 0409 250 909


July 2020

    Half Day Workshop

with Dana

'The Pawanmuktasana Series'


 Saturday, 18th July

1pm to 4pm

Online with Zoom

Open to all 

Cost:  $50

for everyone

Pawan means ‘air’, mukta means ‘freedom’. In this workshop we ‘liberate’ the joints using slow, relaxed movements taking each joint into its fullest range of movement. It also moves every bone and muscle in the body, it improves circulation, clears toxins and waste products from tissues and is both relaxing and invigorating. It is also fun!

"The last workshop online was fantastic. I can't wait till the next one. It helped me go deeper and was wonderful to learn more, connect and be close to other yogis without having to fly." Lorraine WA

Enquiries and bookings:

Dana 0407 235 702


August 2020

    Half Day Workshop

with Lynda 

 Sunday, 23rd August

1pm to 4pm

Online with Zoom

Open to all 

Cost: $50 

For everyone

More details coming soon!

"What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon....a half day Svaroopa® yoga workshop. A blissful way to re-energise my yoga practice, mind, body and more." Barb Qld

Bookings essential.

Enquiries and bookings:

Lynda 0438 080 768


August 2020

ASYA Inc Meeting

 Saturday, 8th August 2020

4pm to 5.30pm

by Zoom

 Please join us, we would love to have your input 

Let our Secretary, Di know if you would like to join us

Enquiries: Di May 0408 001 238


Svaroopa®Yoga Classes

Classes are available in many areas around Australia although mostly based in SE Queensland with a few teachers in Victoria. This information is updated regularly. 

To find a teacher near you:

Click Here

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Upcoming Trainings 



Svaroopa®Yoga Therapy

Embodyment® Yoga therapy treatment takes around 1 hour and gives you the benefits of 5 yoga classes. If you have a stiff neck & shoulders, bad back or have trouble sleeping then this is the session for you.  Click Here

Coming Events

Australian Svaroopa® Yoga Association (ASYA) hosts retreats once or twice a year, and bi-annually we are fortunate enough to have Shaktipat Retreat with Swami Nirmalananda. We also host a range of workshops throughout the year. See Calendar for coming events and mark the dates in your diary. 

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