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Foundations - Beginner's Course

Modular Study Program

Foundations gives you 45 hours of training in a 6 day intensive format and is the prerequisite for Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training. You learn how to plan classes, how to help students with alignments and props so they get maximum results with minimum effort. You can begin sharing what you learn right away. Even if you decide not to teach you’ll have tools to share the gift of yoga with loved ones and have given the gift of a deep and transformational practice to yourself.


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Next Foundations Course: TBA

  Begin here! When you go home after these five days, you will be able to teach introductory classes to beginning students, using the most powerful poses of Svaroopa® yoga – the Primary Spinal Openers…

Our programs are Teacher Trainings registered with Yoga Australia. Our Teacher Training offers more hours, more depth and more support than any other. Enjoy superb training in an environment that supports your profound healing and transformation – far beyond anything you even think is possible for you to achieve! We delight in your success.

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