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Dear Svaroopa Yoga Student

Svaroopa® Yoga has been in Australia for approximately 18 years. In this time, Australian Svaroopis have dreamed of forming a community that would support all Svaroopa® Yoga teachers and students – a community in which we could all grow and develop our passion, and help each other to expand the reach of Svaroopa® Yoga.

Now, with the dedicated efforts of a number of Svaroopis, we’ve established ASYA Inc, the Australian Svaroopa® Yoga Association.

As the ASYA inc. Membership Secretary, I’d like to invite you to become part of our growing community, by joining ASYA Inc. in a capacity that suits you.

If you have any questions please contact me on 0407 878 041 or click on this membership form to download your application.


Download the attached enrolment form for more information and your enrolment.


Lee Trenning



Svaroopa®Yoga Classes

Classes are available in many areas around Australia although mostly based in SE Queensland with a few teachers in Victoria, New South Wales & Western Australia. This information is updated regularly. 

To find a teacher near you:

Click Here

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Upcoming Trainings 



Svaroopa®Yoga Therapy

Embodyment® Yoga therapy treatment takes around 1 hour and gives you the benefits of 5 yoga classes. If you have a stiff neck & shoulders, bad back or have trouble sleeping then this is the session for you.  Click Here

Coming Events

Australian Svaroopa® Yoga Association (ASYA) hosts retreats once or twice a year, and bi-annually we are fortunate enough to have Shaktipat Retreat with Swami Nirmalananda. We also host a range of workshops throughout the year. See Calendar for coming events and mark the dates in your diary. 

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